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Aqua Skin Mask 高效深层补水舒缓面膜

Aqua Skin Mask 高效深层补水舒缓面膜


A refreshing treatment expertly formulated to soothe and restore dry, dull and sensitive skin effectively. The sheet mask adheres comfortably to the face, providing continuous burst of intense moisture with the durable moisturizing benefit, thereby improving skin’s barrier function, making it absolute must for a youthful and incredibly dewy glow skin.
专业清爽护理配方,有效舒缓和回复干燥,暗沉和敏感的肌肤。面膜紧贴脸部,持续提供强效保湿,同时具有持久保湿功效, 从而改善肌肤屏障功能,让肌肤焕发青春光彩。