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Hydra  Essential 高效水嫩保湿啫喱

Hydra Essential 高效水嫩保湿啫喱


A value added moisturizer that contains a gentle yet efficient formulation, allow you to customize the usage for different skin type to obtain an instant hydration, energized and plumps skin.


Color: white
  • For wound skin cause by laser /IPL/Chemical Peels, apply a thick layer on clean skin, follow by a moisturizer that contains oil to lock the moisture. For normal skin, use as daily moisturizer. For dehydration / mature skin, apply after cream, lightly massage for best absortion.


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Yellow Bs

I really loves the light texture, really no burden to my face and not dry at all

Product Review

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Best foam cleansers,  been using sensual cleanser more then 10 years

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Love this,bring everywhere

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