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Perfect Skin Complex 2 (LAC 2) 美肌元素2

Perfect Skin Complex 2 (LAC 2) 美肌元素2


Fragrance Free
Perfect for balancing and maintaining the skin’s natural pH factor, reduce toxins and germs while stripping away dead skin cells. Accelerate skin cell renewal, stimulation of collagen and produce elasticity.
>Formulated against skin pigmentation
>Fight and treat dark spot
>Brighten skin effectively
完美平衡和维持皮肤的天然pH值,减少毒素和细菌,同时去除死皮细胞。 促进皮肤细胞更新,刺激胶原蛋白并产生弹性。

Color: white
  • Use only in the night. Wash your face. Apply gently on freckles. Apply moisturizing product after usage (recommanded). Apply sunscreeen during daytime. Please do not use Perfect Skin Complex 1 & 2 at the same time.
    仅在晚上使用。 清洗干净脸。 轻轻涂抹在雀斑上。 使用后涂抹保湿产品(建议)。 白天涂防晒霜。 请不要同时使用Perfect Skin Complex 1和2。