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Acne Blemish Treatment Set

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1. Cleansing Gel

For oily, combination and normal skin types. Cleansing gel transforms into airy lather, gently removing pore-clogging impurities and oil that can lead to imperfections. Leaves skin silky smooth and comfortable.
适合油性,混合性和一般肌肤。质地清爽, 含蓝色洁净微粒,能揉起细致泡沫, 彻底清除积聚于表皮的污垢及过剩油脂。用后感觉清新舒爽。

2. Acne Blemish Treatment Lotion
Restrains excessive secretion of oil, improves the condition of sebaceous keratosis, enhances the elimination of toxins and inflammation, regulates capillary permeability, sonstantly repairs damaged skin, leads to robust pore walls, recuperates skin condition, restores to normal skin, improves wound healing, and fades acne marks.

3. Acne Blemish Treatment Cream
This is gentle formula, combining red coral and variety of natural herbal extracts, is aimed at quickly attacking the four major causes of acne formation ( excessive secretion of oil, pore blockage, bacterial infection, and inflammation) by penetrating into the root of acne, sucking up and dissolving grease quickly, dredging & purifying the pores while soothing irritated, acne-prone skin, and restoring even, smooth and soft feel to your skin.
此温和配方针对痘痘形成的4大原因,即油脂分泌过度, 毛孔堵塞, 细菌,炎症迅速出击, 渗透至痘痘与粉刺根部,快速吸脂,融脂,疏通净化毛孔,同时舒缓痘痘肌肤的不适,让肌肤自然光滑洁净。

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