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B5 Serum 维他命B5精华液

B5 Serum 维他命B5精华液


A well-formulated lightweight skin hydrating booster that fits right in your daily skincare routine. The serum absorbs instantly without any sticky residue, forming a protection layer while nourishing dry and depleted skin to reveal an ultra-hydrated and radiant skin.
精心配制的轻薄肌肤保湿精华,非常适合您的日常肌肤护理。 精华液快 速且容易吸收,没有任何粘性残留物。形成一层肌肤保护层,同时滋养 干燥和枯竭的肌肤,展现出超水润和亮丽肌肤。

Color: white