Baby Skin Mask Baby肌胶原蛋白蚕丝面膜 *3 PIECES

Baby Skin Mask Baby肌胶原蛋白蚕丝面膜 *3 PIECES


Great for all skin types especially for fighting fine-line. Baby Skin Mask features clear contours, strengthened elasticity and maximized penetration-making it the perfect tool for reducing the apperance of wrinkles, loss of elasticity, large pores and sagging.

Color: white
  • Place the mask over the eye area and carefully spread to the rest of your face. Pat firm and leave on for 15-20 minutes. Remove mask and dap essence dry. Rinsed off if you intend to apply moisturizer after a mask treatment. Use 2 times a week after toning.

Yellow Bs

I really loves the light texture, really no burden to my face and not dry at all

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Best foam cleansers,  been using sensual cleanser more then 10 years


Love this,bring everywhere

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