Chamomile  Toner 洋甘菊化妝水 ~ KO敏感神の水

Chamomile Toner 洋甘菊化妝水 ~ KO敏感神の水


Having calming effect, a by-product of the Chamomile essential oil steam distillation process helps soothing the discomfort of your skin.


Color: white
  • After washing face, take proper amount on the palm or saturate a cotton pad, apply gently over face.

    洁面后,取适量于手心或在化妆棉上, 涂抹于全脸即可

Yellow Bs

I really loves the light texture, really no burden to my face and not dry at all

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Best foam cleansers,  been using sensual cleanser more then 10 years


Love this,bring everywhere

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