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Miracle Treatment Essence 15ml  奇迹小白瓶

Miracle Treatment Essence 15ml 奇迹小白瓶


Intensive repair at night to wake up looking healthier, radiant and younger. Ultra-fine molecules quickly penetrate into the skin, not only can effectively stimulate the collagen in the skin, enhance the defense, but also inhibit acne, control sebum secretion and blockage problems for the skin, making the skin clear, smooth and more even skin tone. Translucent, long-term use can make the skin gradually regain its radiance. 在夜间进行密集修护,让睡醒后的肌肤更显健康亮泽年轻。超细微分子迅速渗透肌肤,不但可以有效地刺激皮肤中的膠原蛋白,增強防禦力,还为肌肤抑制粉刺,控制皮脂分泌及阻塞问题,使肌肤变得清晰、光滑和更均勻的肤色、肤色更透亮,长期使用能让肌肤日渐重现亮丽光彩。

Color: white
  • • Use in the evening

    • Apply to a freshly cleansed face for skin brightening, anti-wrinkle effects

    • For acne, apply a thick layer to the area

    • Protect your skin from the sun with broad-spectrum sunscreen the next morning.

    • Focus on hydration and apply moisturizer frequently

    • Stop using for a few days when the skin turns slightly dry, apply wet compresses and more moisturizer at this period and continue to use at night after the skin condition improves

    • Not recommended for use during pregnancy

    • 晚上使用 • 涂抹于刚清洁过的面部,可提亮肤色、抗皱

    • 对于粉刺,在该区域涂抹厚厚的一层 • 第二天早上使用防晒霜保护您的皮肤免受阳光照射。

    • 注重补水,经常涂抹润肤霜 • 皮肤略干时停用数日,期间湿敷并多涂润肤霜,待皮肤状况好 转后继续使用至晚上

    • 不建议在怀孕期间使用

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Yellow Bs

I really loves the light texture, really no burden to my face and not dry at all

Product Review

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Best foam cleansers,  been using sensual cleanser more then 10 years

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Love this,bring everywhere

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