Multi-Collagen Concentrate 顶级胶原蛋白浓缩原液

Multi-Collagen Concentrate 顶级胶原蛋白浓缩原液


A gentle & silky moisturizer-ultra hydrating, ultra light weight- the potent key to restore your skin youth potential. Combining multiple water-soluble collagens with oil-free formulation, helping skin easily absorb & dramatically improve moisture level.

一款简单安全, 提供纯保湿需求的无油乳液。多种水解胶原蛋白, 以无油配方,创造清爽乳液效果。运用大分子保湿与高分子胶协同保湿,基质简单安全,适用各种肌肤。

Color: white
  • Apply all  over face. Use alone as your moisturizer or before you apply cream based moisturizer. An oil-free & lightweight moisturizer delivers long-lasting moisture even for oily, pimple skin.

    可作为单一保湿品使用, 也可与凝霜混合使用。取适量直接塗抹於全脸。属于无油,低负担的保湿乳,对油性痘痘缺水时也能顺利使用。

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I really loves the light texture, really no burden to my face and not dry at all

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Best foam cleansers,  been using sensual cleanser more then 10 years


Love this,bring everywhere

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